The Best Workshop rental space around
is closer than you think.

How close?

If you want to build your business closer to home, take a look at Shadick Workshops. We’re located on Shadick Dr in Orange City, just a couple miles from I-4 and just a few minutes from DeBary. We have workspace that can meet the needs of almost any business or almost anyone who just needs some extra space with lots of extras.

Every Shadick Workshop features:

  • Two parking spaces are included and visitor parking is available
  • 220-volt power available
  • Private restroom in every unit
  • Trash and utilities included with rent
  • Individual signage for every unit
  • Space can be customized to meet your needs
  • 24/7 access
  • State-of-the-art security including a 6’ tall security fence, lockable security gate, and night lighting

You can even finish and customize your space to meet your needs exactly. If you live in DeBary, you’ll find the workspace you’re looking for in Orange City with Shadick Workshops. Give us a call and learn about available units and move in specials!

Commercial and Industrial Rental spaces in Orange City, FL are hard to find. Shadick workshop rental spaces are perfect for:

How to get to our industrial rental spaces:

Take S Shell Rd headed north. Go slight right onto W Highbanks Rd. Go left onto N Charles Richard Beall Blvd. Continue onto FL-15 N/FL-600 E/US-17 N/US-92 E/S Volusia Ave. Go right onto E Rhode Island Ave. Take a left onto S Leavitt Ave. Take the 1st right onto Shadick Dr, and we will be on the right.

Price is Very Competitive

I have been renting a Shadick Workshops unit for seven years. I use it for my air conditioning business. I like the security lighting and I chose Shadick because the price is very competitive. I feel that my business supplies are safe and secure there. Shadick also gives me the ability to grow my business by renting another unit if I need to because the price is affordable.

Bob Rowley, Bob’s AC – DeBary, FL